You. Your attorney. Your CPA. Your Doctor. The leaders of your community. You are our clients. With over 60 years of combined experience, our firm welcomes your inquiry as to why this isn’t about Wall Street. This is about You.

One of the challenges of wealth is knowing who to ask for help with its’ management. An SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm that understands you can be a welcomed ally. Learn more about our independent, fee only, advice-based wealth management.

Divorce is the single largest financial decision one can make. It needn’t be made through trial and error. Align yourself with professionals who can help guide you through a typically turbulent process, provide stability and reason to your decision making, and deliver the peace of mind that you are planning for, both now and for your future.

Samalin Investment Counsel

Who We Are

Samalin Investment Counsel is an award-winning SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm. We are fortunate to work with people who are bright, busy and successful.

Perhaps you’ve thought about what you'd like from your wealth management team.  If you are like our other clients, you might be looking for an alternative to 'Big Box Investment Retailers' with multiple agendas. Our advice is fee-only, professional and appropriate for your circumstances.

As fiduciaries, we answer to you.  In a financial world as complex and risk-laden as it is today, that is truly a valuable commodity. We believe clients hire us because of that unmitigated clarity. Our agenda?  Yours.